We offer a wide array of services for all your pool needs. Using only the finest industrial-strength pool chemicals and materials, Clearwater will maintain your water clarity and sanitation while providing complete cleaning service for your pool. In addition to maintenance, we also offer knowledgeable pool repair to ensure you’re up and running throughout the year.

Weekly Cleanings

Our weekly cleaning service includes: Vacuum, brush, net, backwash filters, check and add chemicals, clean skimmer baskets, pump baskets, empty cleaners, visually inspect all pumps and filters for good working condition.

  • 10% off service calls and priority scheduling
  • Range from $45 – $75 depending on size and features
  • Sign up for 3 months of service and receive one free cleaning per month


Call to schedule in late February/early March. Call for current pricing. Openings include:
• Remove cover and lay out to dry
• Fold water bags if needed
• Replace plugs, start system
• Visually inspect pool, liner (if applicable), all systems
• Vacuum (1 time included)
• Balance Water


Call to schedule in August for closings in September and October. Completed in one visit. Call for current pricing. Closings include:
• Vacuum
• Balance the water
• Blow out the lines
• Winterize the systems
• Chemicals
• Install cover

Service Department

We have a complete service department available to care for any problems you may be having with your pool. We repair pumps, impellers, seals, leaks, filters, plumbing, valves, Polaris as well as all other cleaners, salt systems, chemical feeders, heaters for pools and spas, any spa repairs, remote control diagnostics, salt system diagnostics, lights and anything else you may need. We also offer leak detection services with our specialized leak detection equipment.

We have a wide variety of parts available in our store as well as trained service techs who attend yearly continuing education classes. Weekly cleaning customers receive 10% off service and parts and priority scheduling.

And More…

From replacing a vinyl liner, repairing decking and coping, to re-plastering a gunite pool. Clearwater Pools is a one stop shop for all your swimming pool needs. Stop by the store and we will try to help you out the best we can!